Asphalt Paving

Performance Graded Binders

Hot/warm mix asphalt roads are America’s #1 choice for providing smooth, safe travel that is environmentally responsible. A smooth riding surface offers a pleasant ride and improves fuel economy. Over 94% of the US's 2.6 million miles of paved roads are surfaced with asphalt. Hunt Asphalt provides modified and specialty binders for racetracks to airports to special road projects. We provide technical support from inception through project completion.

Our performance graded asphalt binder products include: PG-52-28, PG 58-22, PG 64-22, PG 67-22, PG 70-22, PG 76-22, PG 82-22 and High Polymer (Specialty product with R3.2 ≥ 90% when tested per AASHTO T350 at 76 °C).