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Asphalt Technical Center

The Asphalt Technical Center is an AASHTO resource accredited laboratory that evaluates asphalt binder and emulsion for use in the construction industry.

Think Bigger

Hunt’s Asphalt Technical Center is an AASHTO resource accredited binder and emulsion testing laboratory staffed with nationally certified technicians with decades of experience. In addition to certification testing (AASHTO/ASTM), custom blending services which include polymer modification, binder emulsification and oxidation are available to meet customer needs. As Hunt’s primary asphalt laboratory, the ATC is focused on product development and improving existing product performance. These efforts are largely supported by non-routine testing such as advanced rheology and chemical characterizations. A complete listing of the laboratory’s testing capabilities can be found by clicking the AASHTO links below.

What We Provide

We have the ability to polymer modify base asphalts, emulsify asphalts, and a wide variety of of capabilities to test our products as produced.

Roofing Products Testing: We perform asphalt oxidation studies, catalyst evaluations, additive screening, full built-up roofing testing, as well as accelerated weathering.

Paving Product Testing: Hunt's Mix Design Group offers several capabilities ranging from aggregate testing, asphalt mix design, asphalt mixture performance testing (Hamburg, APA, Ideal-CT), slurry seal and microsurfacing mix design, sweep testing and the ability to recover asphalt binders from existing mixtures.

We also provide troubleshooting and expert training on test methods.

Our Capabilities

Binder, aggregate and performance testing. Hamburg, APA, Ideal-CT along with mix design services which provide significant value for customers seeking to optimize.

AASHTO Accredited

Tuscaloosa (Account Number: 102301)