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Hunt Asphalt's long awaited high performance low tracking tack and prime coat product, RAPID TACK, is now available from our Mobile, Alabama production facility and terminal! Approved for Alabama, Mississippi and Florida DOT's, this formulation delivers many features our customers desire in a tack and prime application.

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Our foundation is solid

Hunt Refining Company has been in the asphalt business since the company developed the first commercial oil well in Alabama in 1944. The A. R. Jackson No. 1 well was discovered in the Gilbertown field in Choctaw County, Alabama, near the Mississippi border.

Hunt operates ON PURPOSE asphalt refineries in Alabama and Mississippi and has produced roofing and paving grade asphalt since 1946. We are a large regional supplier to the southeastern United States and East Texas and committed to supporting the growth of asphalt demand and our customers’ needs as they rise to meet their challenges.

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Our Product Offerings


Hunt Refining produces and markets neat and polymer modified performance graded binders.

Hunt paving asphalt production exceeds 500,000 tons annually and is delivered to a wide range of customers to fit their unique demand.

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Hunt emulsions are well suited to most paving applications including chip seal, tack coat, joint sealant and fog seal. Hunt also offers MC-70 for prime coat.

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Industrial Asphalt
Roofing Applications

Hunt Refining Company industrial asphalts are used in a wide range of roofing applications including shingles, BUR, roll saturant, sealants, adhesives, protective coatings and waterproofing membranes.

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Trust our Innovative Team to help with your design and formulation solutions.

Asphalt Technical Center

Our team of experts are eager to support our customers through project start to finish.

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Produced To Perform

Asphalt products are the economic and environmentally responsible choice for road construction, rehabilitation/preservation, and providing durable roof coverings for our homes and businesses. Our investment in crude processing flexibility is a testament to our commitment to ON PURPOSE asphalt production. We offer the high quality asphalt essential to the paving and roofing industry’s high standards, which maintains asphalt products as the smart choice for roads and roofing.